What is a “stamp”?
A ThankYouPro “Stamp” is a credit that pays for the paper, envelope, printing, inserting the card into an envelope, adding 1st class postage and delivering the card to the Post Office.

What size is a ThankYouPro card?
All ThankYouPro cards are A2 size (5.5 x 4.25) and landscape format.

Can I create cards with my corporate logo?
Yes, You can place any image on the inside of the card or use any image for the front of the card. See the Ideas page for tips on using images. ThankYouPro has special programs for corporations that want to have custom selection of thank you card designs. Contact us at sales@thankyoupro.com.

What if I don’t have a network connection?
When you create a card, ThankYouPro automatically saves the card. You can even create several cards before sending any of them. To mail a card when you do have a network connection select Saved Cards in the Card Front screen, step through the screens to the Preview screen and tap Mail Card.

How soon will my card get mailed?
ThankYouPro will usually have your card in the mail the next business day after you send it. We will give you credit for your stamps if your card is not in the mail within 24 hours.

When will my card arrive?
Although we get your card to the post office the next business day, we cannot guarantee how long it will take for the post office to deliver to your recipient. Domestic US mail is usually delivered within 1-3 days, Canadian delivery is usually 2-4 days, and overseas international delivery is usually 5-7 days.

What if my recipient never received the card?
Just as anything else you put in the mail you are responsible for assuring that the recipient address is current and correct. ThankYouPro is not responsible for errors made by the Post Office. If a card is damaged, lost or incorrectly mailed due to our error we will happily and quickly refund your “stamps”. Send us an email from the Contacts page and describe the situation.

How do I delete an address from the Recent Addresses list?
Swipe the address to the right and tap Delete

How do I delete a signature?
In the Signature List, swipe the signature to the right and tap Delete.

How do I add a gift card?
After formatting the inside of your card tap “Send” and you will have the options to mail a card with a gift card or email your card with a gift card.

When will my card arrive?
You can choose from over 20 popular merchants such as Barnes & Noble, Lowe’s, Regal Theaters, Wine.com, JCPenney, Spa Finder, and more. Charity Choice even lets your recipient give to the charity of their choice.