Delighting Customers with ThankYouPro


There is a significant difference between customer satisfaction and customer delight. Customer satisfaction is really more about getting what you expect and walking away with no dissatisfaction. Many of the gurus describe it as a neutral reaction rather than a very positive reaction. Hmmmmm….not what I want from my product or service.

What most of us want is to create raving fans, those customers who do business with us and can’t wait to tell all their friends about what a wonderful buying experience they had. Raving fans come from customer delight, the process of providing much more than mere expectations, a buying experience that has the WOW! factor in it. Customer delight is produced by looking at each touch point and making it exceptional.

Recently, we have been working with car dealers and have found that most do a good job of follow up with phone calls and even postcards. But none of them have managed to find the way to make their thank you’s personal and exceptional. Well, now at least one of them has with the help of ThankYouPro. We believe┬áthank you cards like this one truly produce customer delight and turn these customer into raving fans. It is the last touch point of this buying experience, and one that will not be forgotten!

Who do you want to delight?  Send them a ThankYouPro Card!