Handwritten notes still the best??

We have just initiated a conversation about the value of paper notes vs email thank you notes on Linkedin. The great majority says that they do send thank you followups for a variety of reasons and that handwritten notes make a much more positive impact. We LOVE it!

However, there is a caveat which is the term “handwritten”. For some, it is essential that we put pen to paper. The concept is that handwriting simply denotes that we care enough to make the effort. For many, it is the thoughtfulness that counts, whether handwritten or not. For still others, the state of their penmanship makes handwriting a huge obstacle!

ThankYouPro is taking advantage of the smartphone technology to do what we believe is the best of both worlds – convenience, speed and thoughtfulness. We have incorporated a variety of handwritten fonts and the ability to actually write a signature on the phone. Those features create a very personal experience for the recipient. Yet it has the convenience of a mobile app – no stamps or cards to buy and next business day turnaround.

Like a handwritten message, the expression of gratitude must be created and keyed in by the sender. It just happens faster – much, much faster. And the recipient still receives a paper note in the mail which we know has a significantly more positive impact than the very fleeting email crowded in with 50 (100, 200) other emails.

The very best part of using smartphones for thank you notes? They get done!

We would love to hear your opinion – please comment!

ThankYouPro Press Release – January 24, 2012

Create and Mail Professional Thank You Notes From your iPhone or iPad with ThankYouPro

January 24, 2012  — Richmond, VA – Successful professionals know the impact that a personal thank you card can make, even in today’s technology-driven world. ThankYouPro™ uses the technology in your hand to create customized, printed cards from your iPhone® or iPad®, and is now available for free in the AppStore?

In less than a minute, you can thank someone for their business, network referral, or even a gift. Choose from over 20 professional designs, pick fonts and colors, add your logo, and sign your name directly on your iPhone or iPad. ThankYouPro will  take care of the printing and First Class mailing. iPhone 4s customers can even use Siri™ to dictate their note.

ThankYouPro significantly reduces the hassle factor of buying stamps, shopping for cards, and getting them to a mailbox.

“Apple sold over 17 million iPhones and over 11 million iPads in the fourth quarter of 2011 alone; that combined with the growing trend toward user-customized cards versus traditional greeting cards, proved that we were on the right track with ThankYouPro,” stated John Testement, founder and CEO of ThankYouPro. Our early users in the real estate, insurance and professional service industries have told us that saving them significant time on what they consider to be critical high-touch professional communication.”