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Our new program is not just for corporations, it is for any organization sending at least one card per day. ThankYouPro will set up one account for the organization, offer a generous discount and bill monthly. We’ll even keep your account stocked so you never have to buy stamps. Just contact us at

105 Emails

Are you an email Thank You note sender? Here’s something to think about:

Words of wisdom from the New York Times…..
“Corporate employees receive and send an average of 105 emails per working day, many of which are unnecessary. The most productive and least stressed workers are those who don’t check their mailboxes regularly.” (From The Week)

How much attention will your email Thank You note get? Will you get lost in the crowd?

Yes, email thank you’s are quick and free. But if you are a business person wanting to enhance customer loyalty, quick and free will be perceived as quick and free.
Consider this:

• People see paper thank you notes as having the proper weight and respect. They show real intent and are much more personal. They have the power to create connections between people.

• People who appreciate etiquette will see the email thank you as rude and thoughtless. Paper notes have the ‘good breeding’ factor.

• Paper notes will have a much bigger impact, especially in the business environment, i.e. they get noticed. Most people get so many emails that they don’t really notice them as they fly by. The paper note is still considered more “professional”.

• All people do not live online.

We want speed and convenience and we need the personal impact. The real issue is how to say “Thank you” when it really matters. Thankfully, there is new technology that gives us both the convenience and the personal touch. There are now smartphone apps that allow us to create and mail a real paper note (not a postcard!) in less than a minute. The paper note is mailed with a first class stamp almost immediately. The most sophisticated app of the genre provides a variety of fonts, and best of all, lets you sign your card right on the phone. These are not thank you letters, but short expressions of gratitude, perfect for sales call and interview followups, gifts and even friendly catch-ups. This class of thank you notes definitely helps to end the email vs paper note dilemma, providing an even higher level of convenience than email while making it a personal experience for the receiver. Check out ThankYouPro on the iTunes AppStore.

Business Etiquette: 5 Rules That Matter Now

Etiquette matters in business. Saying “thank you” has great value. Check out this great article from INC. magazine.

Delighting Customers with ThankYouPro


There is a significant difference between customer satisfaction and customer delight. Customer satisfaction is really more about getting what you expect and walking away with no dissatisfaction. Many of the gurus describe it as a neutral reaction rather than a very positive reaction. Hmmmmm….not what I want from my product or service.

What most of us want is to create raving fans, those customers who do business with us and can’t wait to tell all their friends about what a wonderful buying experience they had. Raving fans come from customer delight, the process of providing much more than mere expectations, a buying experience that has the WOW! factor in it. Customer delight is produced by looking at each touch point and making it exceptional.

Recently, we have been working with car dealers and have found that most do a good job of follow up with phone calls and even postcards. But none of them have managed to find the way to make their thank you’s personal and exceptional. Well, now at least one of them has with the help of ThankYouPro. We believe thank you cards like this one truly produce customer delight and turn these customer into raving fans. It is the last touch point of this buying experience, and one that will not be forgotten!

Who do you want to delight?  Send them a ThankYouPro Card!

Wisdom from “The Happiness Project”

Recently I was introduced to a book called “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin. I believe we all want to be happy and work to attain those things that we believe will make us happy. Sadly, those things aren’t always the source of happiness that we want them to be!

Rubin believes that an important part of working towards being happier is to be grateful, and to put a voice to that gratitude, either in a gratitude journal or by simply reflecting often on what there is in life to be grateful for. It’s so easy to focus on the things that are not going well and on mistakes and regrets of the past. Even though much of this is human nature, she realized that there was so much in her life to be grateful for. If she thought about it and put it into words, it stuck with her for much longer than just a moment. It colored how she felt for some time afterwards.

This really resonated with me. Even though I have so much to be grateful for, I rarely make a conscious effort to vocalize it. But since we started ThankYouPro, I have written more thank you notes than in my entire life. Clearly, that started because it’s now our business, but it is also because the app makes it fun and easy. The notes are one way that I have given voice to my gratitude. The more notes I write, the more occasions I find to say thank you. Pretty much every day, there is some kindness someone has done for me, or some event in which I was included that gave me joy, or just for time spent together on a project. I find myself consciously looking for opportunities to say thank you.

The really interesting thing is that I am not looking for or expecting feedback from the recipients. It’s enough for me to do it. I’m sure there is some point of overdoing it, but for now I am in agreement with Rubin. Giving voice to my gratitude is resulting in a significant bump in happiness.

The High Cost of “Lost” customers

It costs 5 times as much to get a new customer as to retain a current customer.

It’s very sad that many companies put much more effort into gaining new customers than keeping the ones they already gained. The cost involved is amazing. There is tremendous value in having an active customer retention program that keeps your current customers buying from you rather than drifting away to a competitor.

We recently saw a white paper by customer loyalty guru Jill Griffin. She cites a Rockefeller Foundation study on the reasons customers become “lost” customers:

Complaints were not handled 14%
The competition 9%
Relocation 9%
No special reason 68%

No special reason means benign neglect.

So how do we deal with “benign neglect”? While there are many ways, it can be as simple as reaching out to say “thank you” for your loyalty. A thank you card in the mail says that you appreciate their business and want to stay connected. It takes less than a minute with ThankYouPro to avoid the 68% benign neglect syndrome and keep that customer engaged with you.