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Cyndy Southard – District Sales Manager for software sales

As a District Manager for software sales to car dealers, Cyndy is definitely on the go. Time is limited, but she has chosen to make an investment in sending customized thank you notes to her customers. At a previous job, she sent handwritten notes on corporate printed cards. When she changed jobs recently, those cards were not available so she chose ThankYouPro.

Cyndy was hesitant at first to move away from handwritten notes, but she now believes that the combination of ThankYouPro’s cursive fonts and the ability to totally customize each note is a winning alternative. She believes that her customers realize that she is making the same effort to say thanks. Besides, she says her handwriting is hard to read, so it’s actually better.

She finds that it is a time-saver as well. Instead of waiting to do several cards in her office, she does her thank you’s while waiting for the next appointment. Another time saver is the ability to use her saved cards as a template for the next card, complete with her customized cover, but personalized for each recipient.

Is there a pay-off? She says definitely yes. While hard to actually quantify the dividends for thank you notes, she says the cards stay on people’s desk for 4-5 months. Her reception on follow up visits is warmer, friendlier and people remember her name.

Her bottom line: If you’re looking for a way to differentiate yourself from your competitors, real thank you cards are a great way to do it. Not many people make the effort, using email as a less impactful method.

One idea she passes along, try using Cardmunch, a free app that captures business card info and automatically loads it into your iPhone contact database. No more typing in addresses!