I Hate Doing Thank You Notes!

So the event is over, the gifts have been opened, we all oohed and ahhed, and now it’s time to do thank you notes. Why is it that it seems like such a painful task? Mothers everywhere browbeat their kids into this painful task. In the past, I have hated having to go back through my lists, buying just the right set of cards, and sitting down to handwrite all those notes – even though I love the people to whom I am sending them.

Well, the pain is gone! With my cool new tool, thank you notes are a snap – and even fun. It’s so fast! I can use the same basic thank you and customize it for the specific gift. And probably the best part is that I can use a photo of the event as my card cover, ensuring that the gift giver gets something really special from me.

So graduates, don’t despair over thank you notes. Enjoy the event and the gifts knowing that ThankYouPro makes the ending as fun as the rest of it!