105 Emails

Are you an email Thank You note sender? Here’s something to think about:

Words of wisdom from the New York Times…..
“Corporate employees receive and send an average of 105 emails per working day, many of which are unnecessary. The most productive and least stressed workers are those who don’t check their mailboxes regularly.” (From The Week)

How much attention will your email Thank You note get? Will you get lost in the crowd?

Yes, email thank you’s are quick and free. But if you are a business person wanting to enhance customer loyalty, quick and free will be perceived as quick and free.
Consider this:

• People see paper thank you notes as having the proper weight and respect. They show real intent and are much more personal. They have the power to create connections between people.

• People who appreciate etiquette will see the email thank you as rude and thoughtless. Paper notes have the ‘good breeding’ factor.

• Paper notes will have a much bigger impact, especially in the business environment, i.e. they get noticed. Most people get so many emails that they don’t really notice them as they fly by. The paper note is still considered more “professional”.

• All people do not live online.

We want speed and convenience and we need the personal impact. The real issue is how to say “Thank you” when it really matters. Thankfully, there is new technology that gives us both the convenience and the personal touch. There are now smartphone apps that allow us to create and mail a real paper note (not a postcard!) in less than a minute. The paper note is mailed with a first class stamp almost immediately. The most sophisticated app of the genre provides a variety of fonts, and best of all, lets you sign your card right on the phone. These are not thank you letters, but short expressions of gratitude, perfect for sales call and interview followups, gifts and even friendly catch-ups. This class of thank you notes definitely helps to end the email vs paper note dilemma, providing an even higher level of convenience than email while making it a personal experience for the receiver. Check out ThankYouPro on the iTunes AppStore.