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Hacked By XwoLfTn – Tunisian Hacker

Awesome new feature – card designs for all occasions

If you love ThankYouPro, you can now love it for all ocassions. We have added card designs for:




Thinking of You

Sympathy/Get Well

You have been asking for designs for special occasions – we listened. Special times can be made more special by receiving a card in the mail form those who care about us.

And now it’s easier and faster than ever to send those caring cards from your phone – no Hallmark store, no post office, no extra time!

Download version 1.5.1 and check out the new “Categories” button.

Don’t let those special moments pass.



Gift cards, Gift cards! The perfect way to do your hoiday shopping!


















Whether they would most enjoy shopping at Barnes & Noble, Lowes, or The Golf Shop; or would prefer relaxing for a meal at TGI Fridays or a massage from Spa.com, you can select the perfect gift card to give your customer, friend, or family member. You can even give them a gift card that allows them to donate to a charity of their choice.

Simply create your card from our selection of elegant card designs or use a photo for the card front, write your note, sign you name and choose from our wide selection of gift cards to include.

You can purchase the gift card with a credit card or pay through PayPal and then send your card by mail. The gift card is printed on the inside cover of the card along with redemption instructions.

You can also send your thank you card with a gift card by email if you don’t have their mailing address.

We love our customers!





Cyndy Southard – District Sales Manager for software sales

As a District Manager for software sales to car dealers, Cyndy is definitely on the go. Time is limited, but she has chosen to make an investment in sending customized thank you notes to her customers. At a previous job, she sent handwritten notes on corporate printed cards. When she changed jobs recently, those cards were not available so she chose ThankYouPro.

Cyndy was hesitant at first to move away from handwritten notes, but she now believes that the combination of ThankYouPro’s cursive fonts and the ability to totally customize each note is a winning alternative. She believes that her customers realize that she is making the same effort to say thanks. Besides, she says her handwriting is hard to read, so it’s actually better.

She finds that it is a time-saver as well. Instead of waiting to do several cards in her office, she does her thank you’s while waiting for the next appointment. Another time saver is the ability to use her saved cards as a template for the next card, complete with her customized cover, but personalized for each recipient.

Is there a pay-off? She says definitely yes. While hard to actually quantify the dividends for thank you notes, she says the cards stay on people’s desk for 4-5 months. Her reception on follow up visits is warmer, friendlier and people remember her name.

Her bottom line: If you’re looking for a way to differentiate yourself from your competitors, real thank you cards are a great way to do it. Not many people make the effort, using email as a less impactful method.

One idea she passes along, try using Cardmunch, a free app that captures business card info and automatically loads it into your iPhone contact database. No more typing in addresses!

Give Thanks and Gain Loyalty

Thanking your customers at Thanksgiving

One way to ensure customer loyalty is to thank them for their business. And we have a great opportunity with a holiday focused on gratitude – Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving reflects our national history without any religious or political ties, making it an excellent time to remember customers and clients.

Writing a card or note thanking them for their business is a surprise with powerful impact. Don’t even think about emailing your gratitude! It should reach them by Monday, November 20 (or even Friday, November 17), as the week of Thanksgiving is a popular time to take vacation.

Consultant Lynn Gaernter-Johnston in her Business Writing blog offers these samples to use as templates.
1. Generic thank you:
Dear Dan and Renee,
Thank you for being our valued customers. We are grateful for the pleasure of serving you and meeting your printing needs.
We wish you a beautiful Thanksgiving and a joyous year’s end.
Warm wishes,

2. Generic thank you:
Dear Friends at Acme,
In this time of gratitude, we give thanks for you. We value your patronage and appreciate your confidence in us. Counting you among our customers is something for which we are especially grateful.
On behalf of all of us at XYZ Company, I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving.

3. Thank you to a specific customer or client:
Dear Carlos,
In this time of Thanksgiving, I must express my thanks to you. Working with you over the past two years has been an amazing opportunity for me. I appreciate your high standards, consistent focus, and fine sense of humor.
Thank you, Carlos, for the pleasure of continuing to work with you. I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with all good things.
With thanks,

4.  Thank you to accompany a gift:
Dear Mr. Emmanuel,
When we think about the things we appreciate, we think of you and our work with you on the Maple Heights project. The project was a challenge and a phenomenal success for us–thanks to your vision and commitment. We will always treasure that experience.
We saw the enclosed new book on landscaping by ____ [author], and we immediately thought of you. Please enjoy it with our thanks.

I Hate Doing Thank You Notes!

So the event is over, the gifts have been opened, we all oohed and ahhed, and now it’s time to do thank you notes. Why is it that it seems like such a painful task? Mothers everywhere browbeat their kids into this painful task. In the past, I have hated having to go back through my lists, buying just the right set of cards, and sitting down to handwrite all those notes – even though I love the people to whom I am sending them.

Well, the pain is gone! With my cool new tool, thank you notes are a snap – and even fun. It’s so fast! I can use the same basic thank you and customize it for the specific gift. And probably the best part is that I can use a photo of the event as my card cover, ensuring that the gift giver gets something really special from me.

So graduates, don’t despair over thank you notes. Enjoy the event and the gifts knowing that ThankYouPro makes the ending as fun as the rest of it!